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1 DAY - 5,000

2 DAYS - 7,000

3 DAYS - 8,000


  • Prices in CAD/US currency. If i'm meeting you in Canada, it's CAD currency. If I'm meeting  you in US, it's US currency. 

  • I can be available anywhere in the world and have a Canadian passport.

  • Airfare & transportation are additional to my rates.

  • First or business class tickets are always appreciated but are not necessary.

  • Must have 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and 1 hour of alone time per day for dates over 24HRS.


1. Screening: Everyone that I see for a fly-me-to-you arrangement must be screened. I require your full name, email address and/or phone number as well as one of the following methods of verification: ​

Work verification: The name of the company you work for, and  a link to a website that displays your name and contact information. Then you will be asked for a phone call from the company phone. 

ID verification: A photo of either your drivers license or passport

Recent Reference: A past provider (Her name, contact method and a link to her website).

2. Deposit Protocol: 25%  deposit must be sent along with travel itinerary for travel booking to be confirmed.

3. Airfare: Round trip paid in ADVANCE and can be compensated through e-gift cards or e-transfer.

4. Complete details on where we will meet.


Cancellation: Notice 48H+ in advance and I'll send 50% of the deposit back.

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