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Option 1: Please email Screening Process Information & requested date

Options 2: Fill out the form below


  • I have limited availability and I prefer to schedule engagements well in advance (Minimum 2 weeks or longer usually for these types of arrangements)

  • If I do not respond to you within 72 hours it's because you didn't fill out enough information or used inappropriate language.


I take your discretion and my own very seriously. Please provide a brief description of who you are. For public figures, I am willing to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement. 

Please include in your initial email the following bits of screening information: 

  1. First & Last name 

  2. Email

  3. Phone number

  4. City inquiring

  5. Do you have a reference?

    1. Yes? Please provide the name, website, email address or phone number of one or two references you've seen recently, who can vouch for your gentlemanly behaviour.

    2. No? Please request to be screen through ID or employment verification - this entail either a photo of you and a link to your LinkedIn page or a photo of you and your ID (a photo of your driver's license - you address can be censored; third option - a picture of you & a piece of paper with your full name, today's date, and my website link ( 

  6. A brief description about who you are.


Please let me know which method of payment you are using. I accept email transfers, Online Gift Cards and Paypal (at my discretion).


I reserve my time for guests often months in advance, decline other personal and professional priorities, and sometimes incur expenses in order to see you. I have a cancellation policy of up to 50% for dates cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours notice. I also reserve the right to implement this on a case-by-case basis, at my discretion, based on a variety of factors including date duration, and notice provided. 

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