For longer dates than listed above, please inquire with your proposed date to

I am a low volume provider. This gives me more time to enjoy each encounter and have more balance in my day to day life. 

If you are looking for a one hour encounter or Ottawa, contact me by email for rates. Make sure you include your preferred date and time frame.


2HRS /800

3HRS /1200

4HRS /1500

Extended Dinner Date (6HRS): /2000

(3 hours social setting, 3 hours private)

Overnight or Full Day (up to 12HRS) /Inquire


Overnight & Brunch (up to 16HRS) /Inquire

Whole Day (up to 24 Hours) /5000

Social only dates: 250 hourly 

United States

1.5HR /1200

2HRS /1500

3HRS /2000


Dinner Date: 2500

(2 hours social in a public setting,2 hours private) 

Extended dinner Date: 3000

(3 hours social setting, 3 hours private) 


Overnight or Full Day (up to 12HRS): 4000

Overnight & Brunch (up to 16HRS): 5000

Whole Day (up to 24 Hours): 6000



  • Donations should be made available at the beginning of our meeting to avoid awkwardness. It can be placed in an unsealed envelope, gift bag, or someplace visible.  ​

  • Prices in CAD/US currency

  • These are base rates, extras are available for a fee​.

  • Sleepovers include 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep

  • Extended dates over 24 hours require at least 2 hours every day for my personal time


  • Outfit requests—You can dress me up any way you like. If I’m missing the piece, you foot the bill.


I reserve my time for guests in advance, decline other personal and professional priorities, and sometimes incur expenses in order to see you. I have a cancellation policy of up to 50%. I also reserve the right to implement this on a case-by-case basis, at my discretion, based on a variety of factors including date duration, and notice provided. 


Small deposits can be made by E-transfers, Crypto,, GC and some other forms of gift cards to